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Welcome to Animal Eye Services

Animal Eye Services was founded in collaboration between Drs Richard Smith and Mike Bernays in 1999. In addition to our services, we have a wealth of information available on our website for pet owners, dog breeders and veterinarians.

Ophthalmology only

Animal Eye Services conducts an exclusively ophthalmology only practice - that is, our practice does not consult in anything else other than diseases of the eye. We can not and will not perform other procedures which would normally be done by general practice veterinarians or specialists in other disciplines whilst your pet is in our care.

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment with us by phoning 07 3341 1981. We will then make the appointment as soon as possible. If we are heavily booked, obviously patients will be seen in order of urgency.

Latest News

24-9-09: New Animal Eye Services website

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new website. We invite our referring veterinarians to sign up for access to a special members only area.


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